Battle of the Best Smart Watches For Men Under 2000 - DEFY Space Fit vs DEFY Space

Battle of the Best Smart Watches For Men Under 2000 - DEFY Space Fit vs DEFY Space

Finding the best smart watches under 2000 In the market could be a tiring affair. But, when it comes to affordability, no brand sets the bar higher than Defy does! Looking for best smartwatches under 2000 that have the best upgrades in the market? Look out for Defy!! Affordable should be the brand's second name! Who could imagine that from the humble yet expensive affair when the first smartphone dropped on the market, we sure have come a long way to android-packed smartwatches on our wrists! Defy has been a game changing player in the Indian market when it comes to budget friendly smart watches.

Best Smartwatch Under 2000

In this blog post, we will look at the top two budget-friendly smart watches for men under 2000 rupees with the best specs.

Talking about smart watches, Defy has brought out some very affordable yet top-of-the-line smart watches under 2000 and sure manages to turn eyes wherever and whenever you don them on your wrists. The best thing about the makers at Defy- pooling in the best think tank to design smart watches that compete with one another in the race to be the best smart watches under 2000 in the market. And the top contenders in this battle of the best smartwatches under 2000 are Defy’s very own Space Fit and Defy Space.

Best Smartwatch Under 2000

To find out which smart watch takes away the winning crown for the best smartwatch under 2000, we will jump head first into the world of the most affordable smart watches, find out what makes them tick and why they deserve the title of best smart watch under 2000. 

We will be exploring every aspect and quirky spec of the Defy Space Fit and the Defy Space, zeroing in on the best smartwatch under 2000 for you!

Battle For the Best Smartwatch Under 2000

Defy Space - Your Very Own Personalised Zen Trainer

The first Contender is the all-new Defy Space. Available for around INR 1999, the defy space is your one-way ticket to all the zen workouts you have been putting off since the last visit to the chiropractor! And while getting your own best smartwatch under 2000, you can ask for any of the two color variants available- the active black and blue.

Just as the name suggests, Defy space sure makes sure that you make space for better health and mindfulness in your daily lifestyle. The Defy smartwatch is equipped with an impressive 1.69” HD display that will put many of the smart watches on the higher end of prices to shame. The Defy Space is a perfect companion, especially for those who prefer the zen approach to workouts. It has a personalized guided breathing feature that helps you keep your everyday stress to a bare minimum. 

And not only that, the 24 hr heart rate monitor does an excellent job in charting out your cardiac care for you while the Sp02 takes care of your blood oxygen concentration, keeping you alert and safe at all times. Coming to design, the Defy Space sports a sleek and slim look with more than 100+ cloud and custom watch faces sporting the perfect vibe for you! Look out for the Defy Space if you are looking for one of the best smart watch under 2000.

Defy Space Fit - Your Personal Assistant For All Things Outdoor

In terms of affordability, both Defy Space Fit and Defy Space shines like no other! Like its twin, the Defy Space fit too comes at an affordable price of just 1999 INR and is one of the best smart watch under 2000 available in the market right now. True to its name, the Defy Space Fit is actually made to move you! Unlike the Defy Space’s zen approach, the Defy Space fit is made to be your outdoor travelling companion and takes care of all your adrenaline peaked sports. 

Best Smartwatch Under 2000

 Whether you are hiking through knee-deep snow or sweating out on high endurance sports, With the Defy space Fit strapped on your wrist, stay ahead of the game and maintain your cool with the signature real-time temperature sensors and IP68 dust-resistant build. The Defy Smartwatch also lets you keep a check on your fitness on the move by keeping a real-time check on your blood oxygen count with its enhanced SpO2 sensors. The heart rate monitor is another feature of the Defy Space Fit that comes in handy while travelling outdoors. With its on-the-go notification feature and multiple outdoor modes, the Defy Space fit is a worthy smart watch to look out for if one’s shopping for the best smart watch under 2000 in the budget-friendly aisle.

Like the Defy space, the Defy Space Fit too comes in two color variants - Active Black and Blue.

Battle For The Best Smartwatch Under 2000 - The Results Are In!

Best Smartwatch Under 2000

With both the smart watches performing exceptionally well, it is almost impossible to prefer one smart watch over the other for the selection of the best smart watches under 2000! Defy has done an excellent job with both the Defy Space and Defy Space Fit, curating it to near perfection within a pocket-friendly budget for all the sports enthusiasts and fitness freaks. Overall, the choice for the best smartwatch under 2000 rests with you on what you need your smart watch for! Go for the Defy Space if you want to add some holistic changes to your fitness regime. And well, if you find yourself outdoors mostly, then the Defy Space Fit is your perfect companion and the best smart watch under 2000 for you.

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